Open Swim


School Year Open Swim (2023-24):
Most Saturdays, Sept 9 through May 18 from 1-3 pm

Next non-school day open swim is Fr 3/8/24 from 12:00-2:00 pm

Daily Fee

$5 per person (Ages 3+)
Ages 2 and under are free with a paid adult.
Children under age 8 must be with a parent or guardian.
Please pay someone in the pool office. We are NOT able to take credit cards at the pool.

Summer Open Swim (2024):
will begin on Monday, June 10

Pool Passes

Individual Pool Pass Family Pool Pass
$70 $180
20-punch card 20-punch card
30% savings 40% savings for family of 3

Purchase your pool pass HERE!
or bring your check to the pool office.

Reserved Time at the Pool

Ongoing staffing challenges have resulted in us no longer being able to offer "reserved-time" pool rentals. However, you can still bring your small groups to regularly scheduled open swims. Participants pay the same $5 per person fee. Groups can use the tables on the pool deck, and serve and enjoy food and drinks. No glass please. If you decide to bring a group to open swim, please call the pool office at 651-460-1515 and let us know.

Colm Griffin, Aquatics Coordinator
[email protected]
To Register: (651) 460-3200
Pool Office: (651) 460-1515