Tiger Preschool registration opens on February 1st. Register online at or by calling our Community Education office at (651) 460-3200.

Upon registration, please choose your top 2-3 preferences for location, number of days, and time of day. Classes will be built and students will be placed in early April, and parents will be notified of their child’s placement by April 15th. After the initial placement in April we will review monthly any incoming registration and add classes if necessary.

If your child is placed into a class and you decide to move them to another class, a $25 class change fee will be applied.


Full day (6 hour) Tiger Preschool rate: $38 per contracted day

Half day (2 1/2 hour) Tiger Preschool rate: $19 per contracted day

Tuition is due every other Monday, September – May, with one non-refundable $75 registration fee per school year. Payments are due in full regardless of child illness or absence. Exceptions will be made for hospitalization.

Payments are automatically deducted via credit/debit card. To make arrangements for payments that are not electronic, please contact the Community Education Office at (651) 460-3200.

Tuition Assistance

Tiger Preschool is a tuition-based program and Farmington School District does not currently qualify for funding for Voluntary PreK or School Readiness Plus.

There are a limited number of Scholarships available for those who qualify. If you choose to apply, please know that you are responsible for the full tuition rate until a scholarship may be reviewed and approved. You are responsible for completing and submitting all required paperwork for any scholarship application.

Health & Immunization Records 

Immunizations and a Health Care Summary must be submitted in order to process your child’s registration. Contracts will not be considered without a completed Health Care Summary and Immunization Record on file with Community Education.

These documents only need to be submitted once for your child after the age of 3 unless there is a significant change in their health or the district nurse deems it necessary. Children requiring an allergy or asthma action plan will need additional yearly paperwork. In these instances, the District Nurse will reach out directly.

If you are unsure whether we have your child’s most recent documentation, please contact our office at (651) 460-3200.