Middle School Sports

Farmington Community Education will offer a variety of sports opportunities to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at Boeckman and Dodge middle schools; including both Interscholastic (against other schools) and Intramural (in house).

The Farmington Independent School District recognizes the value and importance of athletics programs as an extension of a good educational program. Participation in the athletics programs is a privilege and a valuable part of the overall school experience. It contributes to the mental and physical well being of our students. Athletics is an extension of the classroom experience for the student-athlete.

Whether students choose to participate against other schools in an interscholastic program or “in house” in an intramural program, the goal of the middle school athletics program will be participation, involvement, and development of skills beneficial for future success. These skills include Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Cooperation, Loyalty, Goal Setting, Work Ethic, Organization, Self-Discipline, Perseverance, and of course Sportsmanship.

For more information about middle school athletic opportunities through Farmington Community Education, please email us at: [email protected]

See below for more information about Interscholastic and/or Intramural opportunities.